The 21st Lee Brilleaux Memorial
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Oysterfleet Hotel Canvey Island 09/05/2014

It’s that time of the year again, the Lee Brilleaux Memorial gig. Sadly though this is the last one. The show started with what should have been the top of the bill, a band called Shotgun which are the Big Figure, John B Sparkes, Gordon Russell and Pete Gauge. Proper RnB as in the Feelgood style, which it should be given the pedigree of the personnel. We were treated to fine renditions of “She does it right,” “I can tell,” “No Mo Do Yakamo,” “She does it right” and to slow it down “Shotgun.” A couple of others which I have now forgotten but a great set enjoyed by the band and audience alike.

Next on the fantastic Eddie and the Hot Rods, as maniacal as eve, still giving a great live set. Barrie Masters as usual with his shirt off with silk (probably polyester) scarves tied around his wrists. They started with Ian Hunters “Once bitten twice shy” then through all the usual stuff such as “Life on the line,” “Teenage depression,” “Telephone girl,” which was my favourite “Do anything you wanna do,” and of course finishing with “Gloria.” A great set and performance, they never let you down with 100% energy and well worth going to see if you haven’t seen them for a while.

I missed most of the next set, the Kursall Flyers, a great name for a band but not my cup of tea. I have seen them before and they play proper old style pub rock which was not as most people think a cross between the original Feelgoods and the Rods but American country and western. I got back just for their hit single “Little does she know.” They are a good band if you like Americana so don’t let me put you off.

I stayed and watched all of the Dr Feelgood set which I haven’t always done. They are a good band but they are not the good Doctors. They play RnB without the R, a very good blues band who play Feelgood songs but there always seems something missing. Still they have lots of fans who come from all over Europe to see them so it is probably me who is wrong. They played a set of Feelgood covers bringing an end to another enjoyable night and even more enjoyable set of gigs that always celebrated Lee’s and my birthday.

It’s a shame it has finished as those balmy May nights out in Canvey were always looked forward to by the chaps and myself, so thanks to everyone who put the show on and the artists who all played for free and made heck of a lot of money for Fare Havens Hospice. As it is now coming to an end I can almost hear “Riot in cell block number 9” and “Route 66” playing in the background as Lee brings down the curtain on another successful show.

Duncan, May 2014.