Brothers 2 Brothers


Lookin for Texas

As soon as I put this CD on I quite liked it. It was easy to listen to and didn't have to struggle the music just flowed although some of the songs were predictable for a blues band, the CD was a little over 28 minuteslong with 8 tracks, so there was littel chance of getting bored with any of the tracks. They have 2 seperate styles the slow traditional blues as in the tracks 'SOMETIMES GONE IS GONE' and THE POWER TO DRIVE THE BLUES AWAY' although appeared to be played technically well, they were to slow for my taste. The other is a more up beat style which really rocked along and I would imagine would be excellent played live. My favourites were the first track 'DON'T BE SHY' which reminded me of The Robert CRAY Band in style and delivary. The other was the title track 'LOOKIN FOR TEXAS' with a hint of country starting with a fiddle which although not normally associated with Blues complemented it well. Overall I enjoyed the CD the lead singer Mike VIOLSEN and a great voice for this style of music and the band members have odviously been playing together for a long time and they seemed extremely competent. Blues dosen't appear to have the popular appeal it once had, but even my 11 year old daughter Danielle commented on how much she liked it and she normally listens to McFLY and the Now Music CD's, so that is praise indeed. If you like Blues then this is a CD you will like, have a listen.

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Colin Jan 2006