CD Level Down

Artist:- Level-Down

Title:- Inside My Soul

I put this CD on while decorating my bedroom on my daughters CD player in another bedroom. It didn’t sound too great on this. I then tried it on my one downstairs when the wife was out. This meant I could switch it up loud. Sounds a totally different album then. From what I can make out this album is all done by one chap, Jake Cravotta. He plays everything and writes it all as well. If you like AC/DC you will like this. Its raw rock and roll which has to be played loud. My favourite track on the CD is the title track, “Inside My Soul” this is a bit mellower than the rest, but for the radio station “Good Booze & Bad girls” would be good. It also sounds like a good way to live your life. Summing up its Rock that is done very well, not quite my cup of tea but I still enjoyed it. I think it can be bought from and if Maurice puts Good Booze on the radio and you like it I would recommend buying it, especially to support someone who is doing what they want to do and making music there own way Duncan