Nektar Nektar Rock Band Artist:- Nektar Album:- evolution

Maurice brought this CD round and I did my usual when I get a new album, which is flick through the first 20 seconds of each track. I’ve got to say I wasn’t all that impressed. A week later I was painting the bedroom and popped it on for another listen. I couldn’t believe it, the album was superb. Each track was a slice of very good prog rock. There were many twists and turns to each song going from hard rock to mellow acoustic sections and all this happening in the same track. The lyrics are mainly about how the band feel we are treating the planet. A bit to Greenpeace for me, but very well done. I enjoyed this album so much that I put it on again after it finished. My favourite track is “Child of mine” which is a slow ballad about holding your new born child. A good rocker is phased by the storm which is a nearly 10 minute track that changes tempo throughout. All in all I enjoyed this CD and I will look out for other music by this band, even though it’s not what I normally listen to. The album is released Eclectic Discs. Duncan 04/04/2005