The Sensational Alex Harvey Band SAHB Aberdeen Review

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Live At The Moshulo 18.11.05.

Duncan thought it would be a good idea to see The Sensational Alex Harvey Band live in Scotland and after a few beers one night myself Ash and Barry agreed . So I booked up an easy Jet flight & Hotel to Aberdeen as this seemed to be a good date to travel with all our work commitments. Had to get up at 4 in the morning as we had a 6.55am flight, we arrived in a frosty freezing Aberdeen at 8 on the Friday morning. After checking in to the Copthorn City Centre Hotel we went for breakfast that included my first taste of black pudding and had a walk round the City, Harbour and the beach . I had my Vambo Rool badge on and wondered if any one would spot it as we set of for lunch time drinks in the City. After a pub crawl round a very quiet Aberdeen we got back to the hotel. I was expecting the city to be buzzing on a Friday lunch time with packed bars full of drunken jocks but far from it all the pubs were nearly empty and at least half them didn’t sell bitter. But we did manage a few local ales in including a beer called 80 shillings that went down well. We were under the impression that SAHB would be coming on stage after 9.15pm as martin had informed another guy flying from London on the SAHB yahoo group web site so we planned to get to the venue before this time. While having an excellent curry from a Indian just round the corner from the hotel Zorro (from sahb groups) text me and said he was at the Moshulo so we left and made for the venue. Just next door was a pub and as we understood the band would not be on till 9.15pm (well done Martin we only travelled 600 fucking miles) we went for a drink in this bar that had other people in who were going to the gig.

WE went to the Moshulu at 8.35pm and as we walked in SAHB and Max were on stage half way through Swamp Snake, well this was a big piss off I didn’t even have a drink and SAHB were on. Zorro was at the front and said we had missed 3 tracks Faith Healer . Midnight Moses and one more. The venue at this time had only about 90 people in so here was SAHB playing to an almost empty hall and I was able to walk straight to the front. The next song was Isabelle Goudie which is one of my favourite’s and is also number 81 in Mojos top 100 epic rock tracks (

The band were playing superb very tight and Max was spot on much better than last year he was more relaxed and confident, the sound was loud I could feel my ribs pounding with beats. Chris was dressed in a long coat dark Matrix style and had dark glasses that had a small spot light on the lens. Max was dreesed in a black and white drape and moving round the stage in excellent style , what a front man he is for the band now. Hugh was looking a bit tired almost as if he was about to fall asleep but by his great key board work he never let the band down. Ted looked as he was really enjoying the gig and after Isabelle goudie did a solo on the drums, this went down well with the crowd now starting to increase a touch. Zal was brilliant tonight moving around the stage and giving it some on the guitar, at one point the got his clown make up out during the act and made his face into that old seventy’s clown smile look the now more full crowd loved it with whistles and loud cheers. Next track on was the Tomahalk Kid I was expecting a new version as I had previously read they had changed the song but it sounded the same to me. I think it was Gang Bang next but no stripping girl like we got in London last year. During Framed max made a line about playing to 100 people in a half empty hall the next number was Give My Compliments To The Chef, Ducans fav track and he just gone to the bar to get our first pint in the Moshulu club., so when he came back with the drinks he was double pissed of that he missed the start of the concert and was at the bar during his most loved track. .It is one of my favs to and always reminds me of SAHB performance on Old Grey Whistle Test. During this gig ther was a guy filming for the big screen right of the stage so those at the back could have a good view but also every now and again the big screen was showing clips of Alex Harvey back in the seventy’s from those rare video recordings

Ok I was starting to enjoy myself now I had got over the shock of missing the start and now had a pint of beer in hand as the band went into the last of the Last Of The Teenage Idols. On part 3 Max changed the words to “I was the winner of the x factor competition“. I was thinking that the Tommy Steele show back in the fifty’s was properly the first ever X Factor type show of its kind and Alex Harvey one it.. Last song was Action Strasse then we all had to shout for more as Martin and other members of the band crew encouraged the now good sized crowd to shout for more. After a few minutes Ted walked on followed by the rest of the band and we got the Boston Tea Party and Vambo and that was the end of the first encore. So yet again we shouted for more and of course the band came back and performed Delilah complete with Chris and Zals silly Delilah dance that everyone gave a big cheer to. When we go to Mean Fiddler we will try and see the start of the show.

After the gig I had a chat with a few of the fans and tried to get back stage for a word with Martin and the band but this was not to be as the club had some rarther big mean looking bouncers who were clearing the venue as at 10pm it re-opened as a night club. Still we all enjoyed the night and proceeded on the Drummond bar just over the road in a side street of Union Street,. Here we found a music venue and saw two more excellent young bands one called Eskimo Blond and the other The Little kicks. So in all an excellent night out in a very friendly city. Thanks Aberdeen.

Review by Maurice Hyde 20.11.05