April 2011 Vinyls and Rarities
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Symarip - Skinhead Girl
Another original vinyl from my collection. On the Trojan label, of the iconic Skinhead Moonstomp LP. This is to celebrate hair (or lack of it) and hairstyles this month. This is due to Mo’s daughter, Isabelle getting quite good at being a hairstylist and getting a spread in the Sun newspaper (well done). You can see how good she is by looking at her dad’s barnet.

The album cover has 5 likely looking Herberts on the front who look as though they are on the lookout for some AGRO and is now worth a fine £35. I always remember reading all of Richard Allen’s skinhead books from then about Joe Hawkins the tearaway hooligan who through the books ended up in prison, escaped and if I am not wrong eventually died. Anyway enjoy this piece of 1970 reggae which has been covered by the Specials, Bad Manners and plenty of others.

Duncan, April 2011

Funkadelic - Super Stupid

For our hair themed month, the first track I am going to pick is “Super Stupid” from Funkadelic’s third album “Maggot Brain”. I have always been fascinated by this group ever since I bought this LP in about 1973. I got it from a record shop in the bargain bin. The only reason I bought it was because I thought it would be a funk album. I also got the second album “Free your mind and your ass will follow,” at the same time for about 20p each. Little did I know I would be purchasing a couple of rock masterpieces which now command healthy prices on the second hand market. “Maggot brain” has the wonderful, nearly 10 minute Hendrixesque guitar solo title track and has another long weird track, “the wars of Armagedden”. I can remember seeing Funkadelic in 1978 when they released there classy disco track, “One nation under a groove”. They did this with there sister group Parliament, it was a great gig and the highlight was seeing all of the soul boys trying to get into a full on psych track.

Any way what has this got to do with hair you might ask. The album cover has a great picture if a girl with an afro.

Duncan, April 2011.

New York Dolls - Personality Crisis

On the theme of Hair, as my daughter “Isabella Hyde” work was on a whole page in the Suns Buzz magazine http://chelmsfordrocks.com/isabellehydebuzz.html last week. As a top stylist working in London the page featured A 70s disco Afro hair style that she had created. Looking through all my album covers I have selected the self titled New York Dolls LP realised in 1973 as I think my daughter would like the hair styles on the cover. The track personality Crisis is one of my favourites and they preformed this recently when we did see the band live at the Koko in London. I can only hope we will see them live again soon as they did not disappoint.

Maurice Hyde 2011

Yvonne Fair - Let Your Hair Down

Like most people I probley only knew Yvonne Fair from the track 'It Should Have Been Me' but then I came accross the album 'The Bitch is Black' I'm not sure whether it was from a boot sale or charity shop but what a voice. So powerful it moves from ballards to powerful funk driven tunes withgreat ease, she is on a par with many of the great female singers and I'm not sure why she was not more succesful in the 70's in my humble opinion she knocks the likes of Diana Ross and Chakka Khan into a cocked hat. The track I have chosen in celebration of Isabel is the first track on side 2 'Let Your Hair Down' recorded live and show casing what a powerful voice she had. Enjoy

Colin April 2011

Roy C - Shotgun Wedding

I hope that the Royal Wedding at the end of this month isn’t one of these, but I do love this piece of mid 60’s r&b. There doesn’t seem such a big fuss over this one as much as the Charles and Di marriage. I can remember going to see the fireworks at Hyde Park in 1982, the night before the wedding and walking to Lee’s, my now wife’s home in Hackney after. Got to be 7 miles. Also Maurice and Barry slept on the Mall outside Buck House the night before to catch a glimpse of our future King and Queen. I don’t think that will happen again. I do wish the happy couple to have a good day and life though, but to be honest, I think the beer festival at the Blue Lion will hold my attention a little bit longer.

Duncan, April 2011

Joe JACKSON - Sunday Papers

As Tom ROBINSON once put it 'it's there in the papers must be the truth' the good old gutter press think there above the law and start all that phone tapping still I suppose it sells papers and we the great British Public read them. I thought about chosing News of the World by The Jam to celebrate this but instead went for Sunday Papers from Joe JACKSON's 1979 album 'Look Sharp' which contained the better known 'Is she really going Out with Him'. A fine album from a fine artist who I once saw at Hammersmith on his Jumpin Jive Tour not his normal offering but a really good night. And as a footnote he is so tall.

Colin April 2011

Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte

This is actually a cheat as it's not a track I have but it reminds me of Wayne ROONEY I remember a photograph of him and his parents walking from the sea and I imeadiatley thought of this song. I again thought of it after his rant into the camera at West Ham last Saturday  and I could visualise him talking to Bertha Butt. Still any excuse to play a bit of Jimmy Castor a great funk band from the early 70's well worth a listen especially the album 'Butt of Course' How Funk Music should be.
It also fits in with Maurice's hair month what an afro and did he borrow the suit from Lee BRILLAUX
Colin April 2011

The Adverts - One Chord (Season) Wonders.
I have been waiting for this all season, when the mighty Spuds have finally finished their European Dream. There were a few songs I thought of for this event such as Terry Jacks “(one) season in the sun” with the immortal lyrics “We had joy, we had fun, just one season in the sun, but the stars that we reached, were just starfish on the beach.” Or “the Great Pretender,” from the Platters or maybe Bowie’s version of “Sorrow.” Too many songs to mention.

I thought I would use the Adverts effort from Stiff records with a little manipulation to the title. It’s always better using a punk original. So this one is for the biggest club in England (you might think that listening to them) and most fickle of fans, you know what I mean, win one and they are doing well, win two and it’s a top four place, win three in a row and they will win the league next year. Lose one and it’s all gone wrong, lose two in a row and sack the manager. So this is for when they are back to Channel 5 on a Thursday night and watching Eastender’s on Wednesday’s.

Just remember, when the year ends in one.

Duncan April 2011.