August 2011 Vinyls & Rarities
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Brainstrom - Artic Monkeys

Another band I will see at V are the top of the bill on Saturday night, the fantastic Artic Monkeys. I have always wanted to see this band so hopefully they won’t disappoint. I have chosen Brianstorm, a great song as it is one those that always goes on full blast when I am driving.

Duncan August 2011

In The City - Razorlight

It will probably be my last ever V festival as the bands are getting worse every year. It must be very hard to get all the big bands that people want to see with all the competition about. I will probably go to see Razorlight as they were pretty good last time I saw them. Anyway this is my favourite track of theirs which I think sounds a bit Patti Smith influenced.

Duncan 2011

Hundred Mile High City - Ocean Colour Scene

The last V line up band I will do this month is the mighty Ocean Colour Scene. I first saw these in Braintree back in the 90’s and I was ever so impressed. The show, the music and the northern soul they played before the gig. This is one of their festival favourites, a great rock song.

Duncan, August 2011

Can I get a witness? - Barbara Randolph
What else could you play for the News Corporation saga. It has got everything that makes a good best selling book, espionage, a suicide which will eventually turn into a conspiracy theory contract killing, police corruption, politicians including the Prime minister having their judgement called into question, the great and the good having their usual double standards and farcical questioning of probably the most powerful news magnate in the world. Where did that pie in the face come from and who is that kung fu woman?

More importantly though is what is going to happen to the people who have hacked into peoples phones and have made the relatives of victims of murder and the nearest and dearest to our armed forces serving abroad lives a misery. A few people who are at the bottom of the news food chain will get blamed and convicted, but you know it won’t be the real villains. So this is Barbara Randolph’s version of the much covered Marvin Gaye’s request to the commons committee.

Duncan August 2011

Best Of You - Foo Fighters
Not looking forward to this years V Festival as the line up is not that brilliant or I have seen the bands before at previous Vs. As tickets are selling for less that face value, good this be the decline of this annual event that started in 1996 with Paul Weller and Pulp headlining. There are two many festivals now and not enough quality bands to go round so is this the reason they are been watered down with commercial manufactured pop . I can see a time if things don't improve when the V will no longer sell out.

Looking back at better times I have selected Foo Fighters from 2007 performing Best Of You.

Maurice Hyde August 2011

Soul Power - James Brown
Due to going on holiday for the most of August I am unable to go to the V Festivals or though I did go to very first 2, once working. One of my favorite turns was the Godfather of Soul himself, the late great James Brown, I saw him in the dance tent and it knocked spots of anything else that day. I found this clip on Youtube which is more instrumental version of the great track Soul Power with Fred Wesley and the JB's its extremely Funky. Enjoy

Colin August 2011

Letter to Hermione - David Bowie
The last of the Harry Potter films came out in July so in celebration a track from Space Oddity, not normal Bowie but all the same a great track. I saw the film and really enjoyed it a fitting ending to the series.

Colin August 2011

Rainy Day, Dream Away - Jimi Hendrix Experience
Whilst I was making this month's selection I was looking out of the window and as it's summer in England it's raining. My family are currently sunning themselves in Turkey up to 100 degrees heat, so where would I rather be, still a great excuse to play this great Hendrix track from Electric ladyland.

Colin August 2011

Ninety Nine and a Half - Wilson Pickett
It would have been easy to pick the Feelgood version of this track, but I went for the original by Wilson Pickett 9 months and counting.

Colin August 2011

Judge Dread - Prince Buster
I watch in horror at the unfolding story of the riots in London. The epi-centre (in the BBC’s word) of the Hackney riots was where my wife lived, the Pembury estate. It was never that bad when she lived there and the council have spent a fortune doing the place up. I can always remember the horrible atmosphere after the Broadwater Farm riots in the 80’s when PC Keith Blakelock was murdered. I used to have breakfast at Stud Street, Post Office canteen in Islington, there were nearly fights between black and white Postmen in the canteen, it was a really nasty scene. You have to ask yourself are the rioters protesting against the government and the cuts made in social services. Are they rioting because of the cuts to meals on wheels or are they just interested in lobbing bricks at the police, knowing they will not get any decent kind of punishment if convicted. I always wonder why they always riot outside Curry’s and not Poundlland or Primark. There were lots of songs I could have used such as the predictable “I predict a Riot” or the Clash’s “London’s burning.” I was more leaning towards 10cc’s “Rubber Bullets” but have decided on a prime slice of Ska from the Blue Beat label, Prince Buster’s “Judge Dread.” Perhaps if Judge hundred years was residing then the braindead yobs might think twice about destroying their own areas where their parents have to live and shop. W@nkers.

Duncan, August 2011.

Lost in a supermarket - The Clash

I saw a very strange thing the other day, I saw my mate Baz in Tesco’s, not on his own but with his wife Gill, 23 year old son Jake, and daughters of 21 Alice, 18 Millie & 16 Katie. It’s nice to see a family out and about doing things together and it was great seeing Jake with a basketful of cleaning products. I was waiting for Dale Winton to appear doing supermarket sweep. In fact I think there were a few supermarket sweeps the other night in Brixton. Anyway it just brought into my mind the Clash track from London’s Calling, “I’m all lost in a supermarket,” I am sure they were all looking for that special offer.

Duncan, August 2011