Brian Buckit Review

Brian Buckit

The album is the name of the band and with a name like that I was expecting a heavy metal piece of Grunge rubbish. Very happily surprised when the opening track started. The CD is a fusion of many styles but itís mainly funk rock with the brass section taking a prominent part in proceedings. The guitar playing is excellent too, especially on the brilliant "Baja Taxi." This is a great track which I read on the blurb has been used on some surfer films but could quite easily be a part of a Tarantino soundtrack.The rest of the tracks are mainly uptempo and there is even a cover of Hendrixís "Crosstown Traffic" which has their own individual slant to it. This CD has most things the blues with "Rocket Science." There are some slower tracks on this album as well which are good but the main attraction to me is the rhythm which has my toes tapping and my head nodding. Itís a shame because this group is American that I will never see them as I think they would be great live. Highly recommended and visit there web site for info on where to buy the CD and also listen to them playing as well.

Top stuff Duncan Jan 2006