The Broadway Clash

The Broadway Clash, The Star and Garter, Chelmsford, 13/02/2015.

I haven’t been to the Star and Garter for quite a while, this was due to the state of the beer. Luckily the pub has changed hands and the ale is so much better now that I will be taking in a few more bands in this traditional pub a lot more in the future as it is my type of place, friendly with live music at least once a week. The other surprising thing about the place was how many people were there. I reckon there was over 100, not bad for a Friday night. The reason that we all turned up was that a Clash tribute were playing, don’t get me wrong I was never a punk, I loved soul and reggae back in those days, I still do probably even more so now but I did love going to see all the punk bands back in the 70’s and probably saw more of them than most. You can’t better the Clash though, whose first album is one of my favourites of all time but these were a very good band. You can see that they were fans first who were playing the set because of their love of the music, they looked as though they were enjoying themselves and thanked a lot of the audience personally at the end of the show.

Who wouldn’t like the Clash, they were a group who were at the forefront of Punk music, they blended many influences and my lasting impression of them the first time I saw them was the heavy, heavy dub reggae that boomed out between groups, they added funk to their sound later on and were in my opinion one of the greatest bands of all time . Anyway back to the Broadway Clash, a four piece like the originals playing songs from across the vast Clash songbook, I won’t give you a set list but if you like the original group they did not leave much out, my highlights were “The Guns of Brixton” “Pressure Drop” (I also had a good night out the next night at the White Horse, Townfield St at an event called Pressure Drop also. A Reggae, Ska, Motown and Northern Soul night, well worth a look as well), “Janie Jones” (second time I have heard that played at a gig in a fortnight), “Death or Glory” and the best one of all, the Junior Murvin cover “Police and Thieves” ( they played the original at the White Horse as well). All in all a good night, good beer, good mates, a mixture of people some who had seen them first time around and a great band. I think I saw somewhere that they are playing The Star and Garter again in May, so if you are about get down to see them, well worth it.


Duncan February 2015