Corfu to Meteora

METEORA THE STONE FOREST (as seen on Francesco's Mediterranean Voyage)

we took a trip with our hire car to Meteora on the Greek mainland, I have set this page up to help those wishing to make the journey as there is not much information on the web .

We took the car ferry from just outside Lefkimmi and 10 minutes drive from Kavos, the first ferry is at 6.30am, you do not have to book just turn up half an hour before. The ticket price one way for a small car is 25 Euro + 8 Euro for each passenger, it takes one hour to reach Igoumenitsa. Ferry's from this port depart every 3 hours and the last sailing back is 8.30pm. You can also catch the ferry to Igoumenista from Corfu Town for a simular price and the last ferry back to Corfu is late in the evening.

Alternatively and probably cheaper you can travel as a foot passenger and rent a car from Igoumenista port for the day, Euro car have an office just in front of were the ferry dock's.

The ferry we travelled on had clean toilets, snack bar and friendly helpful staff, with plenty of comfortable seating.

Most car hire company's forbid you taking their vehicles off the island so read the small print before you hire, we hired ours from Hertz that allows you to take your car anywhere in Greece, including recovery and insurance.

When you depart the ferry there are no signs to the motorway, so just turn right and follow the port and you will reach the start of the highway. The road is dual carriageway all the way to your exit junction numbered 7b, it is a new motorway and has hardly any traffic on it, when we went on the road they had no toll fee but they were building toll booths for the many tunnels you have to drive through. The road is a fantastic piece of engineering with stunning views. Speed limits apply and there are speed cameras but max is 140 km . The journey on the motorway is mainly a gradual climb all the way to your turn off junction at 7b were you can see Meteora many miles away in the distance on a clear day.

Make sure you have a full tank of petrol snacks and water for the journey as there are no Petrol stations directly on the motorway. When you exit at junction 7b there is a small petrol station about 3 miles down the long and windy road and two others before you reach Meteora with toilets.

There are no signs to Meteora on the way and no historical symbols on the map as I was told that they don't want to encourage tourism. In fact when you reach Methora the only sign to turn left has been painted over, you can just see the name under the paint. Turn left here, its just before the town of Kalampaka . If you miss the turn take a left at the first junction and follow the road up and turn left again at an oval shaped roundabout and that will take you to the road that winds round Meteora where you can access all the Monestres.

Entrance fees to each Monestry is 2 Euro per person , men must wear trousers and lady's long skirts covering there legs. Take a jacket or cardigan as sometimes it can be cooler but not always.

We managed to get back to Igoumenitsa in two hours driving at max speed, bearing in mind its nearly all downhill returning and we had a small car that was a bit slower travelling up to Meteroa.

Hope this will help, all in all an excellent day trip out. Make sure you avoid any Greek national holidays as many Greek people visit. It is possible to book a room for the night if you wish to spend more time here as there are many on offer close by.

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Lefkimmi ferry to Igoumenitsa time table and map.