Devid Carmicle

Artist: Devid Carmicle

When I talk to the others about the CDís they get to listen to they always moan how bad they are. Either I am lucky or do not share the lofty tastes of all my mates. I must say the first time I listened to this I wasnít all that keen, but I had been listening to the Temptations just before, so I was in a soulful mood. The next time I listened I really enjoyed it. It starts of with 2 rockers "Divide" & "Kari Anovich" which according the blurb that came with the pack, get radio play in the dear old US. Then comes a good slower track "Here and now." The remaining tracks are all of the same, hard rock played well with conviction. The chap plays his guitar ever so well and has a voice that suits this kind of music. I prefer more R&B in my rock but this is good and definitely listenable. My favourite track is the slower "Here and now" and when we sort out the ratings this would get 4 out 5 CLICK HERE FOR THE DAVID CARMICLE WEB SITE

Duncan 02/12/05