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Bother Me

Dina Gathe

Mo gave me this album just before the 5 aside on Monday with the words that this was a good one. Reading the flyers that come with the CD I saw that Dina was influenced by one of my favourite groups "The Pretenders" and on some tracks, you canít but help to notice Chrissie Hynde in her voice. The CD is 15 tracks of good driving rockers, ballads, pop songs with great strong lyrics. There are quite a lot of different influences such as reggae, funk, blues and good rock. What I liked about the album was that it wasnít all the same; it had many changes in mood and in the main was very upbeat. Stand out tracks for me were "Story," "Holiday" and "Harmony" with "Harmony" being my favourite. I also enjoyed the slower tempo "One" but to be truthful itís all good. I will give this one a high recommendation and if you are interested try Dina Gathe Web Site