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Artist:- Dr Feelgood

GOING BACK HOME' Live at the Kursaal 8th November 1975 (DVD and CD set from EMI)

'DR FEELGOOD-GOING BACK HOME' Live at the Kursaal 8th November 1975 (DVD and CD set from EMI) Although I have seen Dr FEELGOOD on numerous occasions I was never lucky enough to see them either at the Kursaal or whilst WIlko (although I have seen him a number of times since) was with them. The first guitarist I saw was Gypie MAYO, so whilst Andrea was away I took the opportunity to sit down with a beef curry, a couple of bottles of Rolling Rock and the DVD. Straight away it was great to see that the show was filmed in a more amatuer way then today. It started with a fast run down the Thames from the oil refinaries at Canvey to the Kursaal via the pier. It then goes into 8 live tracks which are delivered with the energy and excitement I remember of the FEELGOOD's. It opened up with 'GOING BACK HOME', and all the members of the group were as I remember them. BRILLEAUX dressed in a dirty white/light grey suit who as always performed as though he was on the vinegar stroke, WILKO dressed in his normal all black playing with his machine gun style and sliding along the stage as if his feet weren't moving, SPARKO dressed in a blue flared suit looking like a 1970's porn star all be it a small one, wearing a trough in the stage and FIGURE banging out the Rythmn on the drums. All the tracks slid seemlessly into each other my favourite being 'ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT' but this was closely followed by 'BACK IN THE NIGHT' with Lee playing slide guitar. The music was played at a high tempo with the crowd being whipped into a frenzy which the band seemed to feed off of I have also been able to listen to the 22 track live CD which covers more of the concert and is a very good live album almost upto the standard of 9 below zero, Live at the Marquee. For anyone who was a fan of the FEELGOODS, R & B, who remembers concerts of the 70's or who want to see how real music is played its a must. The only two downsides are the DVD is not long enough and it is over 10 years since BRILLAUX died and you can see what a sad loss he is' Colin 01/06/05