From The Jam

From The Jam, Evoke Chelmsford,  17/10/13

I don’t normally review the same band in the same year unless it’s at a new venue. I saw FTJ about 6 months ago at the same venue but I enjoyed it so much I thought I would give them another one. This was going to be a Modtastic night with the music supplied by Robin Quartermain from Chelmsford Scooter Club in between bands and afterwards and the Lunar Pilots as support. We caught about the last 3 or 4 songs from the Lunar Pliots. A good band and well worth a look next time.

From the Jam as you all know are a bit more than a tribute as they have original bassist Bruce Foxton to give them credibility. This gig was from what a lot of people think of as the Jams finest album, All Mod Cons. I actually prefer Setting Sons myself but it is still a fine piece of work. I wont bore you with the set list but all of All Mod Cons was played, I am not sure if it was in track order, but I do love “To be someone” and “English Rose,” A fast paced “Billy Hunt” got the sold out crowd rocking and when the last track from the album was played, the band went into all the hits and more including “Non stop dancing” as a tribute to Wilko Johnson. I think the encore was “Eton Rifles.” It seems as though when FTJ play Chelmsford they always seem to be really happy to be there, lots of smiles.

I am not sure how Bruce Foxton can jump so high at his age. After the gig Evoke turns into a club playing mostly Northern Soul, a little bit of Reggae and 60’s freakbeat. I probably enjoy this as much as the bands. Robin plays a good selection that most people know, I am sure when he plays just to Mod crowds the music is a bit more obscure but anyone who plays Billy Ocean at a Northern night is ok by me. Some of my friends from up north consider this sacrilege.

Another great night this week, the only thing that has not gone to plan was that I wanted to go to the Blue Beat Rooms Billericay Friday night to see the 4 bands that they had on there but I had to look after my mum so couldn’t make it. Still there is a Jazz Funk night at the Cricketers, Saturday night (Not my kind of music I am afraid but it keeps my wife happy) and I did see Jack Wilshire’s wonder goal at the Arsenal. I might even go to Clapham to see From the Jam again on November first.

Coming up at Evoke next on the last Thursday in November, the Buzzcocks, hopefully another sell out.

Duncan, October 2013.