Heavy Metal Kids

The Heavy Metal Kids Live At The Relentless Garage Islington  11.11.10


Looking back to the 'Cheap And Nasty Tour' when the 'Heavy Metal Kids' played The Chancellor Hall in 1976.

Line-up from L to R: Justin McConville, Keith Boyce, John Altman, Ronnie Thomas, Cosmo.
Another good night planned and one I had been looking forward to for ages. It was also a chance to go to a new venue.. A normal start time saw us reaching Highbury and Islington at about 7.30. Some excellent pints of Brentwood IPA were enjoyed in the Railway at Chelmsford. This was followed by a couple of nice pints of Young’s, Ram Rod in White Swan at Highbury corner. This is where the good beer finished. The Relentless Garage is a good venue, but like most of them have no idea of a good pint of beer. So cider and Guiness were the drinks to be had there. The Garage is a newish place and is typical of the smaller venues that I prefer. The support band came on and what you noticed was black hats. They were called the Peckham Cowboys. I don’t know if they came from Peckham, probably not as they weren’t wearing hoodies, but I thought they were pretty good and will definitely go to see them again. They reminded me a bit of the New York Dolls, trashy, glammy punk. http://www.myspace.com/peckhamcowboys
John Altman (Nick Cotton)

They played a short set and then came on the main band. I have seen the Heavy Metal Kids in the 70’s and thought they were probably one the best bands to see live at the time, with crazed front man, Gary Holton. I didn’t know what to expect as they had Nasty Nick Cotton (John Altman) on vocals. He carried it off well as did the rest of the band. They played all of the songs that made them a great live act before “Delirious” the fantastic “the cops are coming.” One thing I did notice was they were bloody loud, it’s now 2 days later and my ears are still ringing. Also why do the crowd all wear black?? The good thing about going to see old 70’s bands now is that they don’t disappoint. The HMK were no exception. We had a great night out and I just wished that I was going with Ash to see the Rods at the Square, Harlow the next night. So if you get a chance go and see them. The bad part of the evening was bloody see tickets.com. They never posted the tickets out so I had to get them on the door, so this is the second gig in a row where I have no ticket for my collection for the night out.

Duncan, November 2010

Heavy Matal Kids Chancellor Hall 1976

After seeing that the Kids are going on tour again it reminded me off when I went to see them at the Chancellor. The Chancellor is still there even though it is now empty and not used (asbestos). It is an ugly eyesore of a building, late 60’s early 70’s architecture, but some great bands played there.

The Heavy metal kids were fronted by top geezer Gary Holton, who sadly died in 1985 of a drug overdose. He was the chirpy cockney bloke, Wayne who pulled the birds in ITV’s “Auf wiedersehen pet.” Anyway he had a great stage persona and was quite mad. I have got their 75 album “Anvil Chorus.”

Click on image to play "Delirous" from German TV 1977

To be honest I can’t remember much about the music that was played, but I can recall them playing “rock n roll man” and “she’s no angel.” The big part of the show was Gary Holton who was a top notch frontman for a rock band. He was absolutely bonkers, a big mop of pitch black hair, with big wide open eyes. He was on the stage like a maniac, dashing about and entertaining everyone by trying to kill himself by jumping off the highest amp stacks on the stage.

If I can get a few going, I think I will try to get to see them at their gig at the Garage, by Highbury Corner on the 11th of November. Gary Altman is taking the role as lead singer, probably a good replacement. Having Nasty Nick Cotton singing will add to the theatre of the group (I hope so anyway).

Duncan Sept 2010

Click om album cover to play "Rock and Roll Man"

The poster on this page for the Chancellor Hall gig is from 1976 but I am sure we saw them again in about 77/78 there. I remember that Gary Holton was an excellent front man, risking serious injury by climbing to the top of the Speakers and in those days they were staked high. I had bought the single “She's No Angel” that was a bit Punk sounding, the crowd went crazy to it. However my favourite track now is Rock and Roll Man from there first 1974 LP self tiled “Heavy Metal Kids”. The band have now reformed with John Altman as lead singer, we saw them live this month at the Garage Islington and they performed all the old favourites.

Maurice Nov 2010