CD Review. Artist-Indigo Soul

Album-Wake Up

As most of the CDís we get I have never heard of the artists and this one was no different. So with an open mind as usual, itís another great album. It starts of in an up tempo vein with the first track. After this is track 2 which is the title song. This is like a lot of American groups, their call to America to change itís ways, whether itís against corporate USA or the way of life. Great song though. After this its just well crafted and very enjoyable rock music, never samey and always good. My favourite track is "You burned my hand," this a fusion of guitar, keyboards and great vocals but there are many other great tracks such as "Like gasoline," a smouldering love song which starts of slow and finishes in a crescendo. Summing up if you like 70ís rock, which I think was the best time of all for music, you will like these. There is a hint of Dire Straits to their sound, the musicianship is first class and the lyrics are good as well. Recommend and to find out more about the band go to Click Here For Intigo Soul Web Site

Duncan Jan 2006