Bassment Chelmsford

Band:- Jackie Wilson Says

Venue:- The Bassment Chelmsford

Date:- 22/04/07

If you like soul music, sweet soul music you canít go wrong with this band. I had, had a pretty rotten day, the football team that I manage had been beaten which ruled us out of the league, so I needed some cheering up. I was told by Maurice and Colin that these were a decent band but they were a thirteen piece. If you have ever been to the Bassment in Chelmsford you will know that this is not the biggest place in the world so I was interested to see how they got on.

As usual an early meet in the plough for a couple of their excellent beers, I had the Timothy Taylors Landlord beer. The only difference this time was that we had the ladies with us and also a few new recruits, Peter with his better half Debbie and John and his wife. We made our way to the venue which wasnít as packed as I hoped it would be. This is a shame because if these places are not supported they will either close down or stop live music.

The Bassment is a great place for live bands as it is very cosy and intimate. I will always remember seeing the Hamsters down there many years ago. Itís even better now because of the air conditioning.

If you like Lager itís ok, selling decent beer at pub prices.

They donít do real ale which is a shame so Guinness was the order of the night.

After a few pints the band hit the stage with a great rendition of "Superstition". The rest of the set was a good mixture of Tamla, Stax and Atlantic classics. I particularly enjoyed Erma Franklins "Little piece of my heart," Janis Joplin version was never as good. Also Otisís "Try a little tenderness" which apart from "I wish it would rain" by the Temptations is probably my fave soul track ever. Northern soul buffs would probably turn their noses up at such obvious choices but I always say that you like what you like. The band were very tight and like most big bandís who do this sort of music are ever so well polished and practised. The singers are great and the best compliment I can give them was they didnít look as though they were just going through the motions but really enjoyed themselves. I started off foot tapping at the beginning and at the end I was dancing. The only downside was that I canít give you a set list as I was a bit wobbly at the end. Not as wobbly as my wife Lee though, but thatís another story.

I will definitely go to see this band again and I will also be back to the Bassment to see Tony Mcphee next Sunday.

Duncan April 07