Sprout Donít Pout

Kate Hathaway Sprout Donít Pout

I always feel a bit embarrassed when I review CDís because I never seem to give a bad one. I am pleased to say that this one is no exception. This is probably the best one that Maurice has had sent to him. Kate has a very distinctive voice which has very a sultry edge to it. The Album is a mixture of good rock and slower songs. They all seem to come from the heart and are well played with good musicians. She reminds me a bit of Patti Smith especially on the excellent "What I wanted." It starts with a great song called "Try to Feel" this is a good solid rock song. After this the record mellows out a bit more but the music still has an edge to it. It doesnít sound anything like this CD, but it has something a bit different to it, like Glory Box by Portishead. I think my favourite track is the aforementioned "What I wanted" but it is all good. The only one that I have a bit of difficulty with is "Lost my Mind" as this is a bit hard to listen to. All in all excellent and I am going to have to work out a grading system for Albums. If I did have one this would have top marks. http://www.katehathaway.com/ Buy This CD http://cdbaby.com/cd/katehathaway/from/lynch