A hot summers afternoon saw Andrea, the children and me goto the Kelvedon Free Music festival in the Recreation Park. I was under the impression it was a village show with music, but music was the only thing on offer. We arrived about 4.30pm so had missed a number of the local bands, which varied from cover bands to grunge, so only saw the last four acts.

The setting was good there was a paly area for the children and surprisingly enough Joel managed to join in an impromtu game of football with the other children. I made my way to the beer tent which had Strongbow and Carling on draught and a number of bottle beers.

We settled down and watched Bad Habits who were a covers band whose best offering was Sultans of Swing although it went on for too long. This was probley because the female lead singer only did backing on this one. Next was a young girl Sophie NASH who did a short accoustic set, which was cut even shorter by a generator failure which had the down side of knocking out the coolers in the beer tent. She was probley a lovely girl but not my cup of tea, still I think she was well supported by friends and family.

Next up was Automatic Slim a band that I haven't seen for years, but they hadn't lost any of their stage craft. Tim ALVES as always bounced about the stage but a little slower then before because he was even fatter then before. Howard who looked as though he had just come from serving at Keens in Chelmsford Town Centre. As for the music it started with 'Looking Back' and ended with 'She does it right' so they couldn't do to much wrong. In between Howard did his rendition of 'Warewolf in London' in his normally understated way, all in all a good effort by the boys. I tried to get a quote from Tim at the end but all he would say was 'Who blew up the generator'

Last on were Eddie and the Hot Rods, a much shorter set then that at Club Riga but still good fun, my favourite this time was 'Born to be Wild'. When you look at Barry MASTERS you can say his face is lived in and he has led a Rock and Roll lifestyle. I wasn't surprised but can't beleive thta Andres didn't like.

All said it was a well spent afternoon and I'm told that was the 9th festival so well worth a visit next year, weather and generator allowing.

Review by Colin Egleton