Not only was it Duncan's 47th birthday it was also the 13th Lee BRILLEAUX 13th memorial concert at the Oysterfleet Canvey Island. I had never been to the Oysterfleet or one of the memorial concerts so first a bit about the pub. It is relatively new being built on the location of the old Dr FEELGOOD Music Bar it is what you would expect from a newish pub/hotel very little character. Outside was a nice garden with a view over one of the creeks, the problem being the swarms of midges that soon chased you back inside. The concert was held in the upstairs function room which is more use to hosting weddings then concerts, with its fake chandaliers, overhead fans on the stage and velour wallpaper. What struck me about the audience were the age, in my mid 40's I felt quite young and the numerous accents you heard both foreign and from other parts of the country. Now the music, there were 5 bands on:

DOCTORS ORDERS:- These are a four peice band from Holland who had brought a fair few of there fans accross, they were decent enough and played a selection of r & b standards mainly FEELGOOD covers. The band members were introduced but it sounded as though someone was clearing there throat. The lead singer had a good voice for this type of music and played the Harmonica, he made a good effort at one of my favourite live songs Riding on the L & N' the first time I heard this was by NINE BELOW ZERO who are a hard act to follow. The main thing I can remember about the band was the drummer who reminded me of a manic older looking version of Joe PESCI's lawyer character in the film 'My cousin Vinnie'. Overall a good pub band who I would see again.

TWO TIMER:- A two peice accoustic combo who were very good, I had never heard of them before but evidently had been formed in 1993, they were Gordon RUSSELL a guitarist with the FEELGOOD's in the 80's on such albums as BRILLAUX and MAD MAN BLUES, for those who watched them at that time he would be carried around by the crowd whilst playing the guitar, the singer was Sarah JAMES a tiny, slim. curly ginger haired girl who played a snare drum and hi hat cymbal and she had a great voice. They appeared to play all of there own music and looking on their website they have four CD's which have a few covers on but are songs mainly written by themselves. They were joined on stage by the FIGURE and SPARKO although both have gone grey but are still instantly recognisable they then played 2 FEELGOOD tracks ' NO MO DO YAKAMO' and 'STUPIDITY' unfortunately Sarh's voice didn't suit these songs she was not deep enough. At the end she was replaced by Tim AVES lead singer of Automatic Slim. Towards the end of last year he had a heart attack and its nice to see him back in the saddle, although he looks greyer and thinner he still seems to enjoy being on stage. He agve a great rendition of 'GREAT BALLS OF FIRE'. As for the TWO TIMER's a band I can reccomend and one I will see again.

EDDIE and the HOT RODS:- As people who have read my previous reviews will know I am a big fan of Barry MASTERS and the RODS, very tight and energetic live and I'm not sure if there is anything new I can say about them. They did all your favourites 'TEENAGE DEPRESSION', 'QUIT THIS TOWN' and 'DO ANYTHING YOU WANT A DO' and a good version of 'WOOLY BULLY'. They never let you down always great to see live and always seem to give it there all. If you ever get the chance and you like your music fast and loud go and see them you wont be disappointed.

WILKO JOHNSON:- Another one of my favourites who for certainly my first time was teamed up with FIGURE and SPARKO so 3/4 of the original FEELGOOD line up. They were great I really enjoyed them, they played all FEELGOOD tracks but rightly so as WILKO penned most of them. His voice although odviously quite different to Lee's still complemented the music and his machine gun style of playing and gliding was as good as ever. A real treat to see them playing together. They were joined towards the end by an accordian player called SLIM, I have never seen an accordain being used on stage before and was plesantly surprised he also sang a couple of blues song with a surprising soft voive with a lisp for a big man, he was good and added a further dimension to the music, all together a great 45 mins of music.

DR FEELGOOD:- Now the headliners where do I start, it all depends on how you look at them. 1. You look at them as DR FEELGOOD having seen the FEELGOODS with BRILLAUX then you will be disappointed. They are certainly a good band and play the music well but I always think that most members of the band can change but not the singer, the voice is what sticks out on a song, although all the other members had played with BRILLAUX, Peter KANE is a good singer but he is no Lee BRILLAUX either in voice or stage presence. I think maybe I was biased when he first spoke he had a north east accent either Tyneside or Wearside but certainly not Thames Estuary FEELGOODS are as Essex as they come. The music was good although I think it was 'DOWN BY THE JETTY' which went on to long and became a bit guitar heroish. They were joined on stage by a Harmonica player who I didn't know but was excellent and Pete GAGE who was the first replacement for Lee, he had a deep gavely voice which was more suited to the music. 2. If you look at them as a tribute band or had never seen Lee then you would be impressed but then they should have been called something like 'DR FELTGOOD' or 'THE DOCTORS SUGERY' and not 'DR FEELGOOD'.

All an all a good night and certainly £15 well spent, but Peter KANE kept saying, 'AS MUCH AS THINGS CHANGE THEY STILL REMAIN THE SAME' in this case I think he is wrong.