Lee Brilleaux Memorial 2012

The 19th Lee Brilleaux Memorial Gig Oysterfleet Hotel, Canvey 04/05/12

It’s that time of the year again when we travel to the Thames Delta to commemorate the life of Lee Brilleaux. This is always a good night, a great time with good friends and sometimes decent music. As per usual a nice early start at the pub and a taxi for the 20 mile journey to Oil City. The Oysterfleet is a strange pub, especially on this night, there are the local hoodlums with a sprinkling of assorted Belgium’s, Dutch, German Feelgood fans and us. The unusual thing about this day was that it’s always glorious sunshine and you can eat your gourmet burgers £3.99 in the garden. It was freezing and we all scrunched up in the bar. We did manage to carry out the traditional feeding of the carp in the massive lake at the back though. I must be getting old when I look forward to this. In the bar I met the tallest man I have ever seen and managed to get my pic taken with him so the night was a success already. He was over 7 foot and came from Holland.

I missed the first band the Mosquito’s, it’s a shame because I am sure I have seen them at the Fleece before and they are a very good band. They play a more punkier sort of rock than the normal RnB we get at this event. I did see the next band though, the Peccadilloes (that’s a hard one to spell). Last time I saw them, I think was here a couple of years before with ex Feelgood guitarist Gordon Russell. Gordon is still with them and you can see why he was picked to play with the band after Gypie left. They were good then and they were good now. Only Ash and myself bothered to leave the bar to see them and I think the others missed out. A good band, well worth seeing, they play RnB but it has a slighter hadrer edge to it.

Next on were the Kursal Flyers, typical Pub Rock before the Feelgoods came on the scene, plenty of Country and Western influenced music and of course “Little does she Know”. The crowd enjoyed them but not my cup of tea. They were here last year and I thought the same then.

The Wilko Johnson Band was next, it’s a shame as he was the only original Feelgood to turn up. Apparently Sparko and the Figure were in France, it will be a pity as a lot of us old time Feelgood fans from the 70’s like to turn up to see them 3 perform in their pomp. Anyway back to Wilko, sometimes you see him and he is just ok, other times he is electrifying and this was one of the latter. I think he has issues with the new band, when you read interviews with him, but whatever it was he was fantastic. As you know I am shit on set lists so he started with “All through the City” and I know I heard “Back in the night” and he had the fellow on, who I think should be with them all the time, I don’t know his name but he plays the Harmonica, he came on for a great rendition of “Roxette,” There was all the old Wilko, strutting about on stage with loads of energy. He is quite lucky though with his band though, as Dylan Howe is a super drummer and in my opinion, Sir Norman Watt-Roy is the best and sweatiest Bass guitarist on this planet, also a bloody nice bloke with Paul Eagle coming a close second in Bass stakes.

Next up the main event, The Dr Feelgood cover band. I do try to like these blokes and I do think they are a decent band, and up to about the third track I was enjoying it, who can’t dance to “Baby Jane” well I can’t, but I try. After this the Rhythm disappeared and they became a blues band with a bit of mindless boogie thrown in. They are not like the old band so should really change their name, I would still go to watch them but I wouldn’t be comparing them all the time. Still I shouldn’t think they give a damn what I think. I must admit when the 20 minute guitar solo “Down by the Jetty Blues” started , I retired to the bar downstairs , funnily enough most of my chums were there as well. I got the highlight of the night here, my picture with Norman Watt-Roy (spaghetti) and an autographed ticket. I also got a bit embarrassed as I was caught trying to nick a poster off the wall by the Landlady of the pub. Apparently you had to pay a fiver for them and she gave me a telling off. Who pays for posters anyway??

Summing up a great night in the company of good friends, fantastic music in parts. The Pro’s were the Peccadilloes, the Wilko Johnson Band, Doom Bar at the Plough and a good night out. The cons were the line up was nearly the same as last year without Wilko and Lew Lewis playing instead. No Sparko or Figure and most importantly no Mad Bob the Fluteman, I hope he is ok. I will definitely return next year, it’s for a good charity and you never know who is going to turn up. It might be Nick Lowe next year.

Duncan, May2012.