November 2011 Vinyls and Rarities
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Take that to the Bank - Shalamar

We have a Disco themed thread for records this month. So here we have a slice of prime disco from 1978. I can remember this one back in the day and it was this track that made me think how snobby we can get about music. I can remember talking to a girl in a club at Southend about this track. It was a great dance track which played around the clubs for a few months before anyone else knew about it, but she said that she stopped liking it when it got popular and made the charts. Pretentious or what! I am also playing this as I have just seen Shalamar at the IndigoO2. A great night. But more importantly this is for the people who are camped out at St Pauls protesting about the greedy bankers.

Good luck to them, Duncan, November 2011.

Eighteen - Alice Cooper
A selfish pick for me this month to celebrate the oncoming 18th birthday of my beautiful daughter Grace. I am sure she won’t appreciate the tune, but hopefully she will understand the sentiment.

This is quite an important piece of rock and roll history as apparently this was the track that Johnny Rotten mimed to when he had his audition for the Sex Pistols in Malcolm Mclaren’s boutique. It didn’t do him any harm so hopefully this will bring Grace Lots of good luck.

Happy Birthday and love you lots

Dad, November 2011.

Say You Will /Prance On/Cyclops – Eddie Henderson
Spending a Sunday night dressed as a punk at the Chancellor hall in 1977, come Friday I was a soul boy finding myself at the Gold Mine in Canvey Island with the DJ doing his vocals to some great soul songs. Eddie Henderson had a couple out at the time 'Say You Will' and 'Prance On'. There was another track called 'Cyclops', the unusual thing about Cyclops was it was an album track that DJ Chris Hill;; would play at the faster speed of 45rpm. This was all good for the dancing, and I bought two Albums 'Mahal and 'Commin Through' and would play Cyclops at both speeds, now how good is vinyl.

Maurice November 2011

Prance On - Eddie Henderson
Eddie Henderson - Cyclops - 33rpm & 45rpm
Listen to Cyclops played at 33rmp and 45rpm.
For the love of Money - O’Jays
Another favourite track of mine from the Philly label, the great O’Jays. I love the funk feel to this record. It starts fantastic and has that full sophisticated Philadelphia production. It is also topical with the sit ins that are happening around the world in protest at the greed of the bankers. Bring em down, that’s what I say.

Duncan, November 2011.

Damned Neat Neat Neat supersonic 1977

34 years ago this month at the Chancellor Hall the Damned played free after feeling guilty about pulling out of the City Rock festival, they were supported by 999. Tickets still cost 90p to cover the expenses of the hall hire. Neat Neat Neat. I was there., the crowd went a bit mad.


Maurice Nov 2011

The High Numbers Live 1964

On this day in 1964 The Who Played The Chelmsford Corn Exchange (28.11.64) this was there first of at least 3 appearances at this venue. This video also from 1964 gives you a good idea of what the gig was probably like then. From memories posted, Chelmsford was described as been very much a Mod town with many Scooters parked along the High Street. The film Quadrophenia was only on TV last week and this week in 1979 the Pavilion cinema in town was screening Tommy.

(from our facebook group) -

till is a Mod town, 2 scooter clubs, Chelmsford ScooterClub and the writtle international scooter collective think it was that showing of Tommy there was big fight between the Mods and skinheads and punks afterwards!

The Who play there 4th Dec '65 backed by the Coltrane Union. Us mods would meet at the underground R n B Club in New London Road and the rockers met at the Long Bar in Baddow Road...I think it's around where Pamela's dress shop is now.

Thanks for some more great memories Maureen, I was wondering where on New London Road the Underground R & B Club was.

n 1979/80 the Mods actually met at the Long Bar in Baddow Road, as I dont remember too many rockers about by then just Skins and punks?

The R n B was in the cellarof the something Institute which is right next to the river, opposite Dansk.

Would that be about where Ecstasy records used to be

Not sure, Duncan. It's the building that sides on to the river by Bellmeads. near to Anglia TV. Used to have live bands and an amazing atmosphere with scooters lined up by the dozen outside.

LITTLE BOB STORY - Little Big Boss (1978)

This band played the rock club today in 1977. A great band which I sadly missed. You don't say that often about French bands.

Duncan Nov 2011.

From our facebook group - they were a GREAT French band!

I seem to remeber the Stinky Toys were French as well.

That was a lively performance!

Here's another great French band. They've maybe listened to a few too many Joy Division records but that isn't always necessarily a bad thing...

Telephone -

JOHN LEE HOOKER (Beat Room 1964)

47 years ago John Lee Hooker with backing band The Groundhogs played the Chelmsford Corn Exchange in November 1964, this classic video also from 1964

Maurice Nov 2011

comments from our facebook group - Maureen Perrett Am I the only one old enough (or lucky enough) to have been at all these Corn Exchange gigs? :)

Lucky you!

yes we danced.....the audience was a younger, less formal one, at Chelmsford. I remember at 14 feeling I was sophisticated and grown up being there to see John Lee Hooker, and it's hard to believe that it was only around that time that black singers were being allowed to show their faces on record covers. Where else could you see JLH, Bowie, Hendrix, Cream, Pink Floyd, Who, Geno Washington, Animals,.

Wish I had been there.

and so many more, all in small scruffy venue, all singing live with no aids other than enormous booming speakers.....and where you would dance rather than just look.......for a 14yr old girl the Corn Exchange was just about my life!!!

Howlin' Wolf played there, too. I remember seeing a photo somewhere of all 6ft 8ins of him crammed into the front of a Ford Anglia, with a very young Stevie Winwood peering out of the back window, looking like a frightened little boy...

or maybe it was Ian McLaghan...

December 1964 was when Howlin Wolf played the Chelmsford Corn Exchange. Memphis Slim also played on 22.05.65 support act was The Alex Harvey Soul Band.

Brilliant. I was six, so I don't suppose they would have let me in anyway!

I was born in 7o so I missed it too,Damn!!!!!

Sometimes you don't realise what you've got till It's gone, and Chelmsford the county town of essex is crying out for a venue such as the Arts Centre in Colchester.Deconcecrate a church and lets get back to dancing like they did then !

More Blues as Rufus Thomas was also at the Corn exchange in December 1964. and I agree we need a venue like the Colchester Arts Centre in this town.

Every town needs somewhere like that, but the sad fact is that arts centres are losing their public subsidies and closing down, rather than new ones opening up... I blame that bloke Cameron.

999 - Emergancy

Good support band that night 999 at the Chancellor Hall, top of the bill The Damned.

Maurice Nov 2011

Our facebook coments

I have a memory in the back of my mind that I saw 999 at Chelmsford FC one Thursday night. A regular Thursday gig. Another night TheRadiators from Space and The Fabulous Poodles or is my memory shot to pieces?

Menswear had a record out in the mid nineties that had a riff that was strikingly similar to the one on this great record. November 25 at 5:

Was it called 'Daydreamer' ? can you find it on you tube. November

Dire Straights also played Chelmsford City social club around that time!

That was a good little club, my favourite gig there was John Otway 18.12.78. They hosted some good bands same night as the Chancellor Hall gigs on Sundays. Then had to switch to a Thursday night due to the competition.