Penetration The Garage 2014
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Penetration, The Garage, Highbury Corner, London, 11/04/14.

It’s always good to see one of the old bands and this Friday night was no exemption. I always thought that Penetration were a bit more musically astute than most of the other Punk bands at the time and the show they put on at what I think is probably one of the loudest venues that I go to now, it didn’t disprove this. As usual after a few beers in the Swan across the road we had to get in there early as it was a split venue and we had to be out of the place by 10. I don’t know why but we never ever get to see the support band and this was no exception but we did get into see all off the main show, last time we went to a venue to see a band who came on early we missed half the set, what was annoying about that one, it was to see the Sensational Alex Harvey Band in Aberdeen.
Pauline Murray
Penetration hit the stage and played a good set with all of the ones that I remember “Future Daze” “Lovers of outrage” “life’s a gamble” “Don’t dictate” “Come into the open” “Firing squad” and best of all Patti Smiths “Free money.” There was many more including a couple I have never heard before but I am not going to sit here making a list, just to say it was all pogotastic. Pauline is still pretty good and the band are tight, I am not sure if they are original but a couple of them looked old enough to be. The Garage is a great place to see bands, all of times I have been there the sound is always crisp, it’s very loud though. Not much in the way of proper beer but the Guinness is fine and best of all, when you leave the Plough in Chelmsford if you get the trains right you can be there in 45 minutes.
Pauline Murray
Another good reason to go there is that there are a lot of other decent places to go afterwards. On this night a 15 minute walk took us to the Angel walking past the Legendary Hope and Anchor. The pub we went to was on the corner of Liverpool Road and Chapel Market, it is one which I have driven past plenty of times but have never gone into called Round Midnight. A corny name but a great pub. It is a Blues and Jazz pub with a band on most nights of the week and we were lucky enough to see a Blues band by the name of the Untouchables. Very good and they even had a double bass. The most refreshing thing about going there was seeing the amount of young people enjoying themselves.
Back in Chelmo if you have a blues band on it’s either empty or full of old blokes. Anyway they played a great set but not being a blues aficionado I couldn’t tell you what they were, there was a Feelgood one in there somewhere but the important thing is that the pub and the band are highly recommended.
1978 Penetration Chelmsford Chancellor Hall Ticket

A great night out, getting home late just so I can get up early Saturday morning to get back down the Plough for midday, so we can have another all day drinking session as we headed to Wembley to watch the mighty Arsenal rip Wigan apart ( I think I dreamt that bit, but we had another good day anyway). Life is meant to slow down as you hit 50 but it just seems to get more hectic.

Duncan, April 2014

The Untouchables