Rodger Christman Blue CD Review

Rodger Christman-Blue

This Cd single was a bit different to how I thought it would turn out. Being German and the chap on the front had long hair I expected the usual Germanic thrash metal. Instead we got some laid back mellow Sunday morning music. Track 1 is the title track Blue, as you would expect the Lyrics are a bit downbeat, all about what women do to us (we all know about that one). It is quite a good track, musically very sound, a bit Chris Rea and I liked it. Track 2 is an acoustic instrumental called shades of blue (I can detect a colour theme here). This also a good track, not something you would listen to all the time but certainly one to relax to. Track 3 is called Free. Iíve got to be honest I didnít like this one at all. The lyrics seemed a bit corny and I felt depressed after hearing it. I suppose if this is a single, this would be the B side and who can remember a good B side apart from "Beware of all the flowers" John Otway. Summing up I enjoyed this a lot, the chaps got a good voice and is a good musician. The main problem I have is why do Germans speak and write better English than me? Donít answer that. His website is ROGER CHRISTMAN WEB SITE CLICK HERE Duncan 11/11/05