SAHB Review

Artist:- Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Title:- British Tour To be fair there is no way that I would give this a bad review as SAHB are one of my favourite bands. Every time I see a JCB on a building site I always sing to myself “and another tree dies of shame.” Sad isn’t it. This album has a great version of one my faves Isobel Goudie, this is typical Harvey, a great theatrical song which unravels a story. In fact every song is a well crafted story whether about a crocodile hunter or an all round good guy such as Vambo. You can just imagine him spraying VAMBO ROOL on that brick wall. We also get the Adolf Hitler version of Framed with Alex milking the audience “do you believe me?” There are also the usual suspects on this one as well, The Faith Healer, Delilah and his second best known single, Boston Tea Party. The secret of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band was, not only was Alex a great showman, but he was supported by a really tight band. I think Zal Cleminson was probably one of the best guitarist I have seen and as we all know, Chris Glen had one the best codpieces. One of the great shames is that Hugh Mckenna is not playing, even though Tommy Eyre substitutes on keyboards well. With Hugh’s brother Ted on Drums this makes a superb band. If you like good 70’s rock (I really enjoyed it) this is worth acquiring. It is released by MLP and you should be able to buy by visiting or perhaps try Duncan 23/04/2005