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Wilko Johnson Band



A bit late this review and a bit short, Christmas and all that but Nick Garner pulled off a fantastic coup getting Wilko for his last gig of the year. We all know his health problems and the best compliment I can give him was that after 2 songs you didn’t even think about it. He played his normal set with no surprises, “Don’t let your daddy know,” “Roxette,” “Back in the night,” “She does it right,” “Paradise,” with all of the rest finishing with “Johnnie be good,” as the encore. He still has that panache as he strolls around the stage machine gun guitar just the same as I remembered him at the Kursal with the Feelgoods. Funnily enough I think that this is only the third time he has played the Chancellor/Evoke, once with the Feelgoods, once with the Solid Senders and tonight. Please let me know if I am wrong but I am sure this is the case, seems strange for an Essex man, I know he has played other Chelmsford venues. The good thing about Wilko is that since he announced his illness I have seen him 3 times, where as before he was a bit hit or miss with his gigs, now they are all spot on, as though he is playing it as his last. Of course a Wilko gig would not be the same unless the best bass player in the country was with him, the fantastic Norman Watt-Roy and long time drummer Dylan Howe. It was a good night, lots of love and appreciation from the crowd and I even got the big poster from the front door.

Ending on a bad note my normal gripe about Evoke, the beer. No draught anything, bottles of Bud for £4. Don’t get me wrong I do not need to drink but I do enjoy a couple of pints with my mates. It has come to the stage where I will not go to the venue unless it is something I am really interested in.

Duncan, December 2013.

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